Month: February 2016

Council Amalgamation a threat to Kiama’s Biodiversity

The proposed forced amalgamation of Kiama and Shoalhaven Local Government Areas ignores the significant differences between the two areas topographically, geologically, agriculturally and biologically.

It also ignores the differences in the approach that the two Councils have taken to the protection of significant natural resources and how those differences are expressed in the Local Environment Plans for the areas.

GEPS Submission re Amalgamation highlights these and other issues that support the case for rejection of the forced amalgamation proposal.

Information about the proposed forced amalgamation and the submission process can be obtained by visiting a number of web resources:

One of the campaign websites that has up to date information can be seen here

Support with Submissions which are due by 28th February 2016 can be seen here

The Facebook site for the Kiama Anti-Amalgamation campaign can be viewed here