Month: February 2017

GEPS submission to Shoalhaven Council regarding proposed removal of significant vegetation at Shoalhaven Heads

GEPS has prepared this submission to the proposed investigation into the location of a retirement complex at Shoalhaven Heads as well as any proposed LEP zoning review Council may undertake.

GEPS understands that there has been community pressure to locate a proposed retirement complex in biologically important bushland adjacent to the Shoalhaven Heads golf course and wish to inform Council of the significance of this vegetation and the values of the habitat of the Seven Mile Beach ecosystem.

The full submission can be found here.

GEPS submission to Kiama Council on Dune protection

In response to recent suggestions about the removal of dune vegetation at Jones Beach and Werri Beach, GEPS has made a submission to Kiama Council.

The Gerroa Environmental Protection Society urges Council not to modify the vegetation or structure of the sand dunes at Jones and Werri Beaches that is being promoted by the Beach Care group. These dunes play an important role in protecting residents from damaging ocean surges that are predicted to increase in intensity and frequency. They also provide a habitat of native plants and wildlife.

In the past Jones and Werri Beaches have been damaged by destructive east coast low storm events. Council used considerable resources to construct and vegetate these dunes in the early 90s to protect residents and reconstruct dune habitats.

It’s important to acknowledge how well this vegetation helped protect the community during the recent storm surges of 2016.

The full submission can be read here.